Happy 2018!

Dear players,
As 2017 comes to an end, we would like to thank you for following the development of Devotion. We also take this opportunity to share with you some updates concerning the future of the project.

Since we released the demo in February, we paid close attention to the feedback provided by players, YouTubers and comments on YouTube. After evaluating the opinions about our game, we decided to make some changes to create a better experience.
Read below some of the changes we made.

Some players found the introduction unappealing, due to the lack of background information about the characters and their situation. To make the narrative more engaging, we have added some scenes that occur prior to the player`s arrival at the hotel. The goal is to provide more character development.

On top of that, we altered the premise of the story. Many players complained of the similarity with Resident Evil 7. We agreed and decided to go for something more original. The plot will still take place in a hotel, but the premise will be different.

Another aspect of the story that players disliked was the behavior of Amanda, who players claimed to have no sense of self-preservation, thus making her behavior unrealistic. Her actions and dialogue have been reworked to tackle this issue.

We are addressing the concerns of some players, who believed the game was too similar to Outlast. We see wisdom in those words and we are adding more variables to the game design, which include a second playable character.

These are only some of the changes we made. We are constantly monitoring feedback from the community. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below. We evaluate all the feedback we receive. Thank you very much for supporting us throughout the development of Devotion. This game is for you.

We wish you a great 2018,
DeadByte Studios

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