BEYOND THE GATE Updates Announcement

We have been hard at work on Beyond the Gate (formally titled "Devotion") and we have some brand new announcements for the game.

First off, we have been revamping enemy designs and gameplay. We want to offer more variety than the typical "hide and seek" gameplay
found in a majority of horror games and have sequences where you must act quickly to escape an encounter in one piece. A focus will
not only be put into the actual enemy design, but also the way that the player will have to interact with the enemies, as opposed to
running away the entire time.

Next, we have brought on a new story director, Jordan King. The story in our first demo is being completely revamped into a much more
unique and immersive experience. With story and set design, we are taking a strong influence from Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, and are working hard in delivering that type of unsettling and dream like atmosphere. The cult will remain within the game, but their origins and innerworkings will be much more interesting.

Lastly, we are working on releasing a brand new demo for "Beyond the Gate", in an attempt to show all the changes and evolution that
has gone on behind the scenes since "Devotion" was released. Our hopes is to give you a glimpse at our brand new story, new enemies,
and a better pacing within the game. Our end goal is to release a game that has a story that hooks you in and doesn't let go, along with enemy design being a strong focal point. Be prepared to venture Beyond the Gates!


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I remember playing 'Beyond the Gate', back when it was called 'Devotion'.  Could you guys email me some time in the future when you release a demo? I would appreciate that a lot.