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Real Stories from the Grave is an episodic horror game.


A dark tale set in 17th century.You play as Liberty, a young girl living in a cottage with her parents and her loved dog. Unravel their story while something evil is lurking around them


  • Cinematic story.
  • Retro graphics
  • Voice Recognition
  • Talented voice actors.
  • An original soundtrack.
  • A pettable dog.

Music by Clement Panchout


StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Simulation
TagsDogs, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Story Rich, Survival Horror, Third Person
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Maleficium Demo 0.1.2.rar 186 MB

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Played the demo. Wishlisted it on steam. Def going to buy it on release. The game is awesome and very atmospheric. It brings vibes like: "The Witch" movie and the old "Blair Witch" games. Feels very nice <3
Good job!

atomophoer is so nice!

Simplemente un JUEGAZO! Me gustaria que saquen ya la version completa para poder ver las mecanicas del perro. La atmosfera me recuerda mucho a las antiguas historias de caza brujas!

Loved this. Felt very much like a cross between The Witch and Hellblade, with its dramatic opening. Very much has a visual style of its own that I'm quite fond of too, glad to see that not every game dev has given their low poly game the PS1 vertex warp, gets kinda overplayed after a while IMO. Looking forward to the full version of this.

Only one request - an option for horizontal mouse control for turning Liberty would be appreciated. 

An honestly incredible game with a gripping story! One of the best itchio games I have played in a while. The environment and subtle eeriness of the game leaves a lasting impression. Cannot wait for the full release!

Awesome game

Awesome demo, can't wait to see what becomes of the full game!

Since this game was on my wishlist on Steam, I decided to check the demo out, and I was very pleased with what I played through. There was an overall eerie feel and look to the game. Honestly, I'm very curious to see what the full game will be like.


Im so ready for this :)

NO Commentary

Apparently I never saw when this came out here on itchio. Very nice. I enjoyed it a lot. Any idea when the full version will come out?

cool game

Прохождение демки на русском

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Gameplay em português do Brasil!

Just when I thought you couldn't top the other games you made, you did it!

I loved this game. The focus on the narrative was a big plus for me, and you did an excellent job with the atmosphere.

I CANNOT WAIT for the full game. Keep up the excellent work.

Check out my video 🙂

The game is clean


A história da demo é ótima, O roteiro é bem pensado em sobre como o enredo é contado, Controles bem fáceis, Parece que estamos jogando um conto de terror do século 17 sobre bruxas, achei ótimo!       *Parabéns pelo trabalho!

Creepy game, loved it! 

Pretty decent game! Enjoyed the retro vibe that it brought to the table! I only have one or two non positive things to say about it and those are pretty much the audio balancing felt off and all keyboard controls were super clunky to play with.

Other than that fantastic game and can’t wait to see the full release!

Loved this! (My keyboard was acting up like on some games, so I got kinda pissed at that lol) but the game was solid and can't wait for a full release!

I played A Date to Keep not to long ago and its an episode in the Real stories from the graves . I really enjoyed that game alot. This was just a demo but was very interesting! While playing I totally forgot that I was playing a demo and got upset when it ended lol Going to have to play the entire game now !

love the game thank you so much :):):):):):):):):)




Visually aesthetic, unique gameplay and very intriguing story. I appreciate the voice acting and the badass design of the Witch. I enjoyed the demo a lot. I'm excited to see how the story continues.


Thanks for playing!

lol fun spooky omish 

I've got mixed feelings about this one. I REALLY liked the first half of it. It was setting up a really weird and creepy story and I was loving what I was seeing. Then the caves came. It seemed harmless at first but then I was stuck in there for 20-30min because I kept guessing wrong or was misled by the dog barking. Eventually I had to just write down every turn I made so I would stop guessing wrong. It just kinda bogged the whole game down and turned my mood from "wow I wanna see more of this" to "damn, when will this be over??" Overall I think it's a really good game but that cave part left me more annoyed than anything at the end. Sorry if I was too harsh, just trying to be honest while I was playing. Also, I had really bad lag randomly. I don't think it was any specific part of the game that lagged necessarily because I had lag in the caves and then those same spots would be smooth on another attempt. So I'm not sure what was going on there. The game looks really nice though and I have a feeling this story will get weirder, so I'm gonna give the full version a shot when it's ready. But I'm gonna be very disappointed if it's all laggy again in that version.

Hello, thanks for the feedbacks. The cave in the first version i updloaded on itch it was bugged, so it messed up everything and i realized that without headphones that part it's confusing. I'll also check about the lag. 


This was an amazingly creepy game. I love the setting. Keep up the great work! 

Thanks for playing!


Amazing game. The game has the vibe it meant to have although I wished for a mouse camera movement but the rest of the game is spot on. I really loved it. I love the atmosphere and the ps1 style graphics


Hello The Most Stylish Man is BACK playing more of your Real Stories From Beyond The Grave series of Games. I gotta say Deadbyte you have talent. This one is a massive upgrade from your previous games and I love seeing growth in talent. If you could do a small favor for me and share the video out to your community as it helps YouTube put it out to people that are outside of both our communities that would be awesome. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!


I'm a big fan of the previous Real Stories games so I'm glad to see this one get a demo! I really enjoy the cinematic direction you've taken with this episode, I can tell a lot of work was put into framing each sequence. I do wish there was a bit more in this demo because it might have the opposite effect you were intending it to have. There isn't much in terms of scares or 'horror' segments so it might leave people feeling a bit unsatisfied. 

I hope to see more soon!

Thanks for making games!


Thanks for the feedbacks!

Impressive and interesting game. Great concept to mix retro style visuals with modern cameras.

Thank you for playing!

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Masterfully executed demo!

Everything is this demo speaks high quality, brilliant story telling and beautiful sceneries. The game shocked me a lot. Starting from the first sequence with the pray and towards the end - everything was done perfectly. 

I loved the dynamic gameplay and cinematic look of every scene. This reminded me a lot of the movie "The Witch" by Robert Eggers, which deals with faith and religious conflict and at the same time showcases the family drama. The silent, yet respectful relationship between father and daughter, Liberty was neat, but most of all, I adored the little dog Pascal (or Rascal. It was weird, but towards the second chapter, the dog was called out by the name "Rascal"). 

Sound design, ambience and music in the game was superb. The praying sequence and a nightmare scene was top notch. Yet, I still have 2 minor issues with the game. One is about the controls. The mouse looks is not part of the game and I think it would benefit from it, just to admire the environment more and see some things better, for example - looking up or looking at the character. Second is about the cave sequence - I was calling out the dog, yet I could hardly hear its bark and most of the time, I was put on the wrong path. Towards the end, I managed to brut force it, but at the cost of playing the same scene over and over again. I think, looking at those 2 issues can make the game flawless. 

I wish you all the best Deadbyte and I am very much looking forward to the full version of this game. Best to you ✌🎉💌

Edit: I forgot about graphical settings. They are great, but it would be better to add some lower setting for "potato" PC's. Thanks. 


Thanks for the feedbacks. I just found out the cave scene is bugged. Player starts from the wrong point , that maybe caused confusion in the level


wow . great jobs story . 10/10 !! yeah

Thanks for playing!