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Pretty spooky short experience,with interesting ending,5\5

Awesome Little Game!

Gameplay traduzindo para português do Brasil!

really well done, i played the second one, then i played this, and now something in the story was explained, really scary, good story telling, thank you for making it, i will for sure wait for the third one <;

My Playthrough of your game

Awesome game, had fun playing it!

Incredibly creepy, the silent dark atmosphere was perfect.


I absolutely loved this game. I played A Date To Keep first, so eas nice to come back to this one. It was only til I edited the video that i saw the link! 

I preferred this one, dark story. Well made.

Check out my video.

I've always love these style horror. I can say I was not expecting the ending.


Had a lot of fun playing this one; the super dark and mysterious start of the game continuously keeps things spooky and has this really dark and terrifying tone in the environment. I thought that the story telling was pretty well done and there was enough for the players to piece things together from the beginning to the end with the explanation. Also I might have missed something since I didn't figure out who Catherine was.

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While I much preferred the second Real Stories From The Grave episode, the fact that you got people making exact clones of this one must mean you did something right :D


It's a small achievement :D


A bit late to the party but i absolutely loved this game and had so much fun playing it. Thank you so much for making this game its one of my favorites!

awesome game love it please make more games like this

The silence makes this game so creepy and immersive.  Not enough games take advantage of a quiet environment like this.

I did not suspect it at all at all great plot twist also deserved

Nice and creepy game, I liked the plot twist at the end!



Game is more then perfect, enjoyed whole game, sound effects and details in whole game, is good, story is awesome!


Extremely well made horror game.. Had a ton of fun with it. In fact, I played it twice! This game was the reason I made my account here, and the first creator I subscribed to. Still waiting for part 3!!!

Real Stories From the Grave - The Body - YouTube

Didn't expected that :|

S U B S C R I B E !! and you will have a good fortune tomorroww!!

very good game, the atmosphere is really eerie, i recommend it without hesitation !


Reverse play done :D

Will there be a part 3?

hey man i really liked the game, a very interesting story and the very tense and quiet atmosphere left me very distressed waiting for a jumscare.

keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

FUN GAME! getting ready to play Volume 2

Weird and creepy... My favorite !


This one made me sad at the end! I loved the backstory!

Had a lot of fun making this video and this game more than helped with that, hope you enjoy

Well this was unsettling as all hell!! Nicely done! I'm looking forward to playing Volume 2!

hey whtats up familia! great game, great atmosphere, the ending was a twist.

I love the areas in this game. Real creepy stuff without any lame jumpscares. I enjoyed piecing the story together as well, though sometimes it wasn't super clear what you were supposed to do, it's not really a big deal. I played this because I was interested in the second game, which I'll also be uploading tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome games!

After playing the second game, I thought I should check out the first one. Interesting series so far, will be playing more.

I had already played A Date to Keep a while ago and I really enjoyed the work, featuring influences from other horror games, like Silent Hill. Although this is the first episode of the series, I saw the same level of quality present that I had seen in episode 2. Once again I am facing an excellent game that has excellent visuals. The story, although diluted within the game, is enough to help understand the mystery of this body that the character carries.

Anyway, another quality game produced for this series. I wait for the next episodes. Kudos to you and keep it up!

Fantastic game! I loved this! So atmospheric and creepy! I followed you and will be playing your other games. Thanks DeadByte! Your game starts at 50 seconds.

Greetings! Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome games and express my gratitude in a form of a tribute to the character of this game!

That's amazing, thanks for the support!

Now you understand why I was asking those questions about your second game?:)

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