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Real Stories from the Grave: The Body is a short horror experience made for the Haunted Ps1 Jam. You transport a body in the middle of the night.

Warning: This game contains disturbing content

"Real Stories from the Grave is a tense and very unsettling experience with some very dark twists" - freegameplanet.com


WASD - move

E - interact

SHIFT - run (while not holding the body)


Sound effects: https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DeadByteStudios


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RSFTG 1.0.3.rar 67 MB

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Game is more then perfect, enjoyed whole game, sound effects and details in whole game, is good, story is awesome!


Extremely well made horror game.. Had a ton of fun with it. In fact, I played it twice! This game was the reason I made my account here, and the first creator I subscribed to. Still waiting for part 3!!!

Real Stories From the Grave - The Body - YouTube

Didn't expected that :|

S U B S C R I B E !! and you will have a good fortune tomorroww!!

very good game, the atmosphere is really eerie, i recommend it without hesitation !


Reverse play done :D

Will there be a part 3?

hey man i really liked the game, a very interesting story and the very tense and quiet atmosphere left me very distressed waiting for a jumscare.

keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

FUN GAME! getting ready to play Volume 2

Weird and creepy... My favorite !


This one made me sad at the end! I loved the backstory!

Had a lot of fun making this video and this game more than helped with that, hope you enjoy

Well this was unsettling as all hell!! Nicely done! I'm looking forward to playing Volume 2!

hey whtats up familia! great game, great atmosphere, the ending was a twist.

I love the areas in this game. Real creepy stuff without any lame jumpscares. I enjoyed piecing the story together as well, though sometimes it wasn't super clear what you were supposed to do, it's not really a big deal. I played this because I was interested in the second game, which I'll also be uploading tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome games!

After playing the second game, I thought I should check out the first one. Interesting series so far, will be playing more.

I had already played A Date to Keep a while ago and I really enjoyed the work, featuring influences from other horror games, like Silent Hill. Although this is the first episode of the series, I saw the same level of quality present that I had seen in episode 2. Once again I am facing an excellent game that has excellent visuals. The story, although diluted within the game, is enough to help understand the mystery of this body that the character carries.

Anyway, another quality game produced for this series. I wait for the next episodes. Kudos to you and keep it up!

Fantastic game! I loved this! So atmospheric and creepy! I followed you and will be playing your other games. Thanks DeadByte! Your game starts at 50 seconds.

Greetings! Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome games and express my gratitude in a form of a tribute to the character of this game!


That's amazing, thanks for the support!

Now you understand why I was asking those questions about your second game?:)

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馃拃REAL STORIES FROM THE GRAVE : THE BODY馃拃 | SILENT HILL STYLE| |-馃幃Indie Game馃摵 (Espa帽ol Argento)

This was a great, creepy, atmospheric short horror experience. Not much else to say other than I really enjoyed the play through. Thanks!

Very nice experience, you really know how to tell a story! Gonna play episode 2 now :D Thx for the game

good job

Played through episode 1 and 2 for my channel and was blown away. Great job with both games! I can't wait to see what's next;


Can I please request the picture from the game's thumbnail - a picture of a guy holding the body with the game's name?

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Thanks a lot! I know I might be obnoxious, but in a bigger resolution (larger version)?

I don't have bigger than this

Well, thank you anyway!

I can feel his love

My god this is dark, well done!

Ohhhh this was creepy. And it was also one of those stories where you can never guess what's coming at the end of it too!

A first person horror walking simulator, is essentially what we have here. There are a couple of interactive moments and a bit of item finding to do in the midst of it all too, to keep you nice and engaged with your surroundings.

The whole thing had me on edge, wondering if I was simply some kind of twisted murderer, whether I'd been coerced into getting rid of some evidence or if I was the one who was actually dead. The ending truly caught me off guard, and the build-up to get there was incredibly tense.

Really well put-together mini horror experience, this one. Gave me some proper chills!


SKIP TO 7:03!!!

I really enjoyed this story, it was very interesting to watch it unfold.

The only part I got stuck at was the key you needed to find in the lighthouse.

Pour les Francophones !

Love classic ps1 style graphics.. This interesting dark horror game relys on a good story and a suprise ending rather then cheap jump scares. I can appreciate that. Thanks.

This game is exactly what I look for in a horror game!

The entire game you have a feeling someone will get to you, see the body, but it doesn't. Yet, at the end, all unfolds so well, in a dark, disturbing way..

It does not rely on jumpscares, but has this feeling of dread over you, the atmosphere really plays a huge roll, which I love.

Honestly a great game, short, but so well developed towards the end!

As others, I too made a video on my experience playing it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and looking forward to any next volumes!

Really clever, disturbing story, good atmosphere. Short but sweet. My only complaint is that there's one part in the game where I had to watch a video to figure out what to do next; there's an item on the wall that's easy to miss.

i had a blast playing this game also i was not expecting that ending....

I was shocked and tense at the gas station! Thought someone was about to  kill me but the ending was good! 

A little bit late to the party :( Anyway i like the game, even though there's no jumpscare but its giving me chills. I was so scared while playing this because of how dark the game is. Overall, the game is good. I really like a type of PSX effect games like this one. Great job!

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