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i love this game

Gamaplay não comentado!

This is awesome, i really like it, like old psx games, remember me to silent hill 1 :)     

well great job dev slow story telling, scary, and mistery, thank you dev for making, i play this first, i will play the body, too fore sure, thank you

This game was fun 

My playtrough of your game

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gives me that silent hill vibes ~ really nice! 

Thank you for this! Finally a game, where I can shoot, not run and hide like a little girl!! I'm missing this kind of survival horror games. Enjoyed it very much!( got all the pawns too :) )

Great game!

At first I was skeptical, but midway through this game solidified itself as one of my favorites on this whole site! Great job guys :)

Controls are brutal at some points, but I loved the atmosphere!

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




Wow! This game pulled me into its story, and I became so immersed! It was pretty dark, and I enjoyed playing through and analyzing its symbolism. Incredible job on this one! I love retro-styled horror.

good family

This game was recommended to me, and I was not prepared for it!

More than just a horror game, had the narrative and real tension building stuff especially in the office. Loved it. I look forward to going back and playing the first game!

Check out my video.

Going through  my backlog uploads, and this awesome game is in it, reminded me to go finish that Maleficium Demo! Thanks for your work 

Full Play No Commentary 

Hyo awesome ģame!!!i really liked the game, very interesting story from the first game, i hope you continue with this project you did a good job

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


I still don't understand these numbers, Mason.

this is like cry of fear game

Is there a save feature? 

Hello. The game has checkpoints but no save


Very creepy game. Great work! 

The story telling in this was really artistic are super fun to go through; the change in pace from the artisticness to the literal horror mannequins was super unexpected but still well pulled off and really, really scary. I personally thought that the story wasn't as well put together in this as compared to The Body; it felt like it was jumping boats a lot and some things felt a bit too ambigious or artistic; like the electric sparkles and Geiger counter which didn't feel like it fit into the place at all, but I still think that the scary office part was well done!  Overall it was really scary and pretty fun to play!

I enjoyed it very much!

Very awesome little game! I have yet to play episode one but def going to if its anything like this one. The atmosphere was really well done and that noise that those guys made when they ran after me was awful lol Great job!


Thanks for playing!


Truly impressive stuff here.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Great atmosphere but could use a little balancing. I was not touched by an enemy until the boss. And while some enemies did make me jump I never used more than two bullets on an enemy so was always pretty stacked.


A truly terrifying tale. The gameplay was fun and unique, while the atmosphere and sounds made me jump


When will you released Real Stories from the Grave: Episode 3?!

Si me hizo sudar un poco! Este es un gran juego y espero que haya más episodios pronto

Great concept overall.  I love games that do a good job of creating a Silent Hill atmosphere.  My only complaint is the controls which makes the game frustrating at times.

The starts is a bit slow, but the office part was pretty scary. Nice game!


Skip to 37:48 for Real Stories EP 2!

Odlična igrica, tema i priča je pre dobra, jedva čekam ostatak igrice, sretno sa gradnjom i nadam se da će biti igrica poput ove!

This game is a wonderful horror experience, like every deadbyte game I've played so far. It actually is very smart with the way it builds up to the scares. Very great stuff, keep it up!

Real Stories From the Grave - A Date to Keep - YouTube

did you know that someone else is trying to release or scam people with this?

Took me a while to get all the pawns :3

Silent Hill inspired? Oh yeah, does this count as playing in reverse :D


Damn you've really upped the horror from episode 1!! The combination of movement and sound in the office section made me so uncomfortable!! Nicely done!!

HOLLY SHIT THIS WAS GOOD, can't wait for the next volume is another one comes out, loved the story telling, and when it got dark I nearly shit my pants


The game is too difficult to be a horror game, the shotgun shells almost never hit properly, ti shoot them sometimes and do no damage, i mean the office part was scary at first, but then it just got annoying. I feel like this was a good game, but then it just goes downhill the more you play. And a bossfight? wtf? idk thats just my opinion. its a good game, but the whole health bar shotgun aspect of it kinda ruined it in my opinion

Quite a tale down into the descent of madness. I like how you a unaware of the spiral into insanity the entire time, thinking it is just monsters 

This is my favorite game on currently. Finally, a fun horror game with actual gameplay and challenge. This was refreshing to play, more fun horror games like this and I'll love you forever. Don't read comments and play it, and if you're scared then I'll play it for you. ;) 

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