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A Date to Keep is the 2nd episode of the "Real Stories from the Grave" anthology.

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Enter the shoes of Samuel Scowl, and experience the horror of a dissolving family unit and an unkempt mind. Discover the truth through Samuel’s warped perception and piece together the reality that eludes him.

  • Deep storyline
  • Mix of exploration and combat
  • Voice acting
  • Dreadful atmosphere
  • Secret ending
  • LEFT CLICK: Shoot  
  • E: Interact   
  • Q/MOUSE WHEEL: Switch Weapon/Flashlight  
  • R: Reload   

The game contains disturbing content




Play the 1st episode here:



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Skip to 37:48 for Real Stories EP 2!

Odlična igrica, tema i priča je pre dobra, jedva čekam ostatak igrice, sretno sa gradnjom i nadam se da će biti igrica poput ove!

This game is a wonderful horror experience, like every deadbyte game I've played so far. It actually is very smart with the way it builds up to the scares. Very great stuff, keep it up!

Real Stories From the Grave - A Date to Keep - YouTube

did you know that someone else is trying to release or scam people with this? https://deadbirdd.itch.io/real-stories-from-the-grave-ep2-a-date-to-keep

Took me a while to get all the pawns :3

Silent Hill inspired? Oh yeah, does this count as playing in reverse :D


Damn you've really upped the horror from episode 1!! The combination of movement and sound in the office section made me so uncomfortable!! Nicely done!!

HOLLY SHIT THIS WAS GOOD, can't wait for the next volume is another one comes out, loved the story telling, and when it got dark I nearly shit my pants


The game is too difficult to be a horror game, the shotgun shells almost never hit properly, ti shoot them sometimes and do no damage, i mean the office part was scary at first, but then it just got annoying. I feel like this was a good game, but then it just goes downhill the more you play. And a bossfight? wtf? idk thats just my opinion. its a good game, but the whole health bar shotgun aspect of it kinda ruined it in my opinion

Quite a tale down into the descent of madness. I like how you a unaware of the spiral into insanity the entire time, thinking it is just monsters 

This is my favorite game on Itch.io currently. Finally, a fun horror game with actual gameplay and challenge. This was refreshing to play, more fun horror games like this and I'll love you forever. Don't read comments and play it, and if you're scared then I'll play it for you. ;) 

Pretty good game! 8/10

Reminded me a lot of silent hill which was a bonus in my mind. There were a few issues. It wasn't always straight forward where you needed to go in town. Thankfully, not a big map so easy enough to figure out. Out of all retro games, the start of the horror in the office got me LITERALLY crying in panic and fear. A good example of a solid idea with great execution. Definitely wanna play more episodes!

Another great installment by Deadbyte, love this silent hill throw back, in first person no less. Gave me goosebumps, and jump scared the crap out of me.

Wow, I played both episodes in one video. I really liked the storytelling aspect in both games. I thought you did a great job with pacing and atmosphere. The final boss was interesting, I don't fully understand it, but maybe its for the best leaving it unknown. Maybe in the next episode we get some clues? If I had to give feedback, I would lower the screeching noise from the monsters a bit in the second episode. In the first episode the boat ride was a bit dull and slow. Overall, great job making the games! Looking forward to the next episode.

Alright, following my idiocy from before (AKA leaving a controller plugged into my PC), I finally managed to complete the game!

As I mentioned previously, the atmosphere is great, it's very reminiscent of Silent Hill (complete with creepy mannequins that are like echoes of Silent Hill 2's glitchy weirdoes). The story is also great, and the voice acting throughout really adds to it. There are some pieces that you have to put together yourself as the player, which I love to see in games in this.

All in all a fantastic second entry to the Real Stories from the Grave series, although I was a bit taken aback by the end sequence with the stealth combat. It wasn't a bad element though by any means!

Well worth playing for anyone who likes a bit of narrative storytelling, exploring and surviving in the dark!

This game was PAINFULLY SCARY! Almost had an heart attack man! Great job, I loved it!!

This game scared the crap out of me to say the least lol. Overall good game! I should go back and play ep 1 too

pretty interesting game. really fun to play 

Played Ep 1 and 2 back to back. They were fun, the 2nd one had real good use of tension and even though I didn't get jumpscared, I would say the workplace sequence was a bit stressful, especially with having to swap from flashlight and gun. Thanks for making them.

This game made me scream so much.

The atmosphere and story seem really great, but I seemed to have issues whilst playing the game. My character is always moving, even when I don't press any of the direction keys. I put this to one side as I could still fight against that to move my character around and progress the story.

However, once I got to the action part of the game I was unable to fire the shotgun, rendering it impossible for me to go any further. Honestly don't know why I'm having this issue as nobody else seems to be, super disappointed though as I was really enjoying it! I did do a video up to a certain point which I will upload though, just for posterity!

Do you have a controller connected? It may be the problem

Aaaaaand now I'm officially the stupidest person on the planet haha! That would probably be it... can't believe I didn't think of that!

This game was absolutely terrifying!! The ambiance, the scares, the story, all fantastic and very well done!! I am very happy to have played this and I cant wait to see more from you!!

YES YES YES. I've been waiting patiently for this one to come out... I absolutely loved the first episode and this one did not dissappoint by all means. As terrifying as those mannequin-like things could get, I couldn't stop enjoying myself the entire way through! The style is fantastic, the concept is great and the storytelling was really good! Can't wait for future episodes to come out! Absolutely well done!!!

This is a very creepy game with a disturbing story. The foggy and dark atmosphere gave the game a nice, heavy feel to it. I thought having to switch from flashlight to shotgun as the enemies rush you in the dark really added to the intensity of the game. I wanted to find all the pawns, but I was afraid of what would jump out and attack me if I spent too much time searching - LOL. This is a nice addition to the Real Stories from the Grave series and I hope to see a third episode. Great work DeadByte!

I LOVED this game. very well made and it scared the crap out of me. The combat however I think kinda killed the scares a tiny bit but hey you have to blast a boss so it was good on that front. I have played your previous game before and loved that also. I can't wait to see what you make next and the story too. 

Had to get used to the combat fast, the enemies get up in your ass.

Fantastic game with a ton of weirdness and some really good monsters. I did run into an issue with the boss fight running out of ammo, and sound stopping once reloading the level, but it was worth it to get the ending.

A lot about this surprised me (in a good way). Solid game. Finding all those pawns is a challenge.

Really great game. Super spooky, the mannequins   movements are freaky as heck.

Played through episode 1 and 2 for my channel and was blown away. Great job with both games! I can't wait to see what's next;

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It's really cool for the episodic style you're going for but it does kinda leave some questions open, I'm still not sure what's up with the apples or why these twisting sort of mannequins are the enemy of choice. It's super effective though, the first few mannequins got me bad but you get used to them! Gameplay if you're interested:

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You know, I noticed a very peculiar detail.

In the first episode, one of the notes mentions Christine Willard, a doctor who played a crucial part in the plot and in this one, the main character used to work for a company called Willard Pharmaceutical... 

Coincidence? I don't think so...

this game is well made and has a thought out story and sound mechanics very fun little horror game like 30 min long or so definitely worth playing if you can the enemys are creepy and the sound design is eerie if you want to see my full reaction to this game here it is 

if you watched i appreciate you and if you liked it consider subscribing it really helps the channel grow 

Very good game! I like it. Its like Silent Hill. I played first Episode and I loved it! I can't wait to see 3rd episode! Btw if you are interested, here is video of your game: 

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Wish i could play the game. Looks good and the first 20 minutes seems great. Unfortunately i do not have a powerful enough PC/Laptop to even run it in 30 fps. Would be great to have an optimization options so i could experience it smoothly. If it was a short experience i wouldn't complain, but since there is a weapon system, there should be enemies to kill at least, something to shoot. And with 15 fps, i'm sorry but i couldn't proceed any further, i got frustrated. Hope this helps and i'm very sorry i couldn't play the rest of the game.

Hello, i'm sorry you had problems playing it. We will try to optimize the game with next updates.

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As much as I loved the whole experience and found it very well-crafted, that one pawn hiding spot (inside a vase in the dark office building) was virtually impossible to figure out. All the others were decently placed, but that one was just illogical, since nothing in the game indicated we could break anything with the shots, aside from the enemies. Other than that, amazing work, looking forward to the next one!

However, I have a number of questions regarding the plot:

1. What's with the apples in the beginning, the number 19847120 and the doors in the end with the "no shotgun" signs?

2. From what I understand, Samuel didn't kill his wife and daughter (the wife was murdered by someone else and the daughter committed suicide), but snapped one day and murdered all of the employees of the job that he was once fired from?

3. That final boss... Is it supposed to represent our "inner monster"?

4. I might be wrong on this one, but does the voice on the radio belong to Samuel himself, narrating the experience of his own lost soul that was plunged in the purgatory?

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Hello, i'm glad you liked the game. I admit the pawn in the vase was a bad idea. For the rest of the questions there are no answers.

This game is extremely intense all the way through. The story is very hard hitting and unsettling, and then the game drops a heavy hammer of intensity about halfway through.  Seriously scary, perfectly paced, and overall just a damn good horror game. Amazing work! 

This is one of the best indie horror games that I've played! Well done guys. I was engaged the whole time and it felt like I was playing a Silent Hill game! 5/5

Loved the 1st game and this was even scarier! The way those things move was very unsettling.

You've set it to "released", so now it's fully finished, content-wise (I mean no more updates on the endings, characters, plot details, levels, etc)?

I will make some small updates to fix a few things, but i wont add anything else to the story

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